Wild and Elegant

Natural Ingredients of the Kiso Valley

Fresh mushrooms, mountain vegetables, and wild game meat such as bear, boar,
and deer bestowed by the forest of the Kiso Valley.
Organic vegetables and fruits produced at a local Satoyama farm.
Fish grown in Ise Bay receiving the rich blessings of the Kiso forest.


Our cuisine incorporates local natural ingredients of the Kiso region into innovative French dishes.
All the creations prepared by our award-winning chefs are very delicate, elegant,
and good for your both mental and physical health.

We serve dishes one by one from our 15 course menu so that all the guests enjoy their conversations during the meal.


Hozuki, Ground Cherry from Satoyama with morning dew
Wafer cake filled with blessings of Kiso, Wild Boar Rillettes, Yukimasu Sea Trout Tartare, and Beetroot
Roasted Fawn with fresh vegetables
Fresh Mushroom Pasta
Abalone from Ise Bay with Liver Puree
Hinoki-Scented Chocolate

“GOCHISOU” for you

Gochisou is a Japanese term meaning a feast which is prepared with love for your important guests
by running around or making every effort to collect the ingredients. We sincerely believe that good foods make people happy.

We want all our guests to have the best experience at Zenagi and share it with their family and friends.
With such strong passion, we treat our guests with a thoughtful feast.

We design a special Gochisou menu just for you according to your personal requests and preferences.
We put our heart as well as time and effort into preparing the best dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Sustainable Gastronomy

We focus on offering environmentally sustainable cuisine.
Blessed with a rich natural environment surrounding us, we are delighted to cook with natural ingredients.

With the generous cooperation of local farmers, we are fortunate to have locally sourced organic products.
We support sustainability of local food system by practicing eco-friendly initiatives together
with over 100 local producers so that we can have this beautiful natural environment and Satoyama in 100 years time.

Avoid using pesticides, minimize the environmental impacts, stop overharvesting, curb food waste,
and reduce plastic use. We start from what we can do locally.

Restaurant worth traveling all the way

Maru Sankaku Shikaku, the dining restaurant at Zenagi, is available to all the guests including visitors
who are looking to enjoy local gastronomy.

We prepare dishes which make you happy on anniversaries or special occasions with your family and loved ones.
Please come visit us to experience the culinary delights we offer.