Explore the “Planet Japan”

The Expedition Hotel

A journey of discovery with Zenagi will be a unique experience as if you are travelling to another planet.

Zenagi is located in Nagano and Gifu where ancient traditions and nature remain deeply.
In the sacred forest of Kiso, Samurai trails and post towns remain the same as they used to be.
Wood craftsmen with over 1,200 years of traditions reside in the mountains.
Japan's beautiful nature can be found at the natural water sanctuary.

If you are curious to know more about Planet Japan, let's set out on an expedition.

Expedition Guides

You will need a knowledgeable and experienced guide for the expeditions.
At Zenagi, a private chef and butler as well as a skilled guide will tailor your special experiences just for you.
English, French and Spanish speaking guides are available.

A Private Resorts

Zenagi is a luxury private villa resort.
You can use the entire large renovated Kominka (traditional Japanese-style house built 300 years ago) with 3 suite rooms. Relax and spend your holiday with your family and friends.

All Inclusive

The room price includes 2 meals (excluding alcohol) and one exclusive cultural or nature activity.
Stay at a beautifully renovated Kominka house while enjoying the local gastronomy with fresh local ingredients, which will make your adventure to Planet Japan even more delightful.

We are Storytellers

We are not just hotel employees but a storyteller to talk about the story of the region we live in.
We are here to share the story of unique cultures, century-old traditions and life
in harmony with beautiful nature in Nagano and Gifu which have been inherited for thousands of years.

Sustainable for Future

The reason why we created Zenagi is that we would like this beautiful countryside to remain in 100 years time.

Today, many rural communities are facing serious challenges
such as a declining birthrate, aging population, and economic decline.
Our hometowns are one of the disappearing cities and it may be literally gone from a map in 20 years.

We would like many people from all over the world to visit here so that
we can preserve the traditional culture and beautiful natural resources of Planet Japan we love.