Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain

Appreciate the ancient faith of Japanese

Praying while Climbing

Mt. Ontake has been worshiped as the sacred mountain for over 30,000 years since the Old Stone Age.
And then later, Buddhism, Shugendo and Shinto were combined here,
making Mt. Ontake a religious sanctuary for the ancient Japanese mountain worship.

Since then, climbing Mt. Ontake itself is considered to be the practice of prayer
and you see many worshipers in a white costume climb the sacred mountain
while chanting. Scenery of sea of cloud and autumn foliage you get to see close to the summit is stunningly beautiful.

In this sacred tour, you will have an actual Ontake worshiper as your private guid and visit several shrines and significant religious sites.

90 minutes hike and ropeway ride will take you to the scenic spot at 2,500 meters high
where you will admire an amazing panoramic landscape of Japanese Alps.

A journey to appreciate the ancient faith of Japanese who has long been honoring and worshiping nature itself.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

3:00 PM Check-in

Spend your relaxing afternoon at a luxury Kominka hotel made from all natural wood with only 3 suite rooms. Each room has a made-to-order luxurious Hinoki bathtub with different designs. Enjoy forest bathing in the Hinoki bathtub while immersing yourself in the Hinoki aroma for a moment of relaxation.
(Forest bathing originated in the Kiso region).

A private butler is at your service to assist you with anything you need during your stay. All the furniture and furnishings in the hotel are handcrafted by the local craftsmen and artisans.

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6:30 PM Dinner

Fresh mushrooms, mountain vegetables, and wild game meat such as bear, boar, and deer bestowed by the forest of Kiso Valley.
Organic vegetables and fruits produced at a local Satoyama farm.
Fish grown in Ise Bay receiving the rich blessings of the Kiso forest.

Our cuisine incorporates local natural ingredients of Kiso into innovative French dishes (12 to 15 course menu). The portion of each dish is small so that all the guests including small children and the elder can enjoy their meal.

Please kindly contact us in advance if you need special child-friendly menus.

9:00 PM Stargazing

After the meal, lets's get outside to stargaze, lying down on the sofa at the outdoor wooden deck. Total darkness of the countryside lets you enjoy the beautiful sky full of glittering stars just like a planetarium.

In winter, enjoy a perfect evening with your family and friends, sitting by the fireplace.

11:00 PM Sweet dreams

In the silence of the night all you hear is the sound of the wind and insects. Slip into sweet dreams on the luxury beds.

Day 2

7:00 AM Take a walk

Good quality sleep lets you wake up early in the morning. Enjoy a morning walk around the hotel in the beautiful landscape. Local area maps are available at front desk.


8:00 AM Hike Mt. Ontake Seeking a Breathtaking View of the Natural Landscape

We provide all the gears required for the activity.
While enjoying the magnificent scenery of the Kiso, a 80 minutes drive will take you to the starting point of trekking.
Take a ropeway up to the 7th station (2,150 m) and then start walking towards the 8th station (2,470 m) where you will admire a spectacular view of the Northern and Central Japanese Alps as well as the summit of Mt. Ontake.

Our skilled guide will accompany you through your adventure so that even biginners can enjoy the experience.

*In case of bad weather conditions, alternative experiences will be arranged.

12:00 PM Curry for Lunch at Mountain Hut

At lunch time we will stop by at a mountain hut where you will have a wide variety of food choices including curry and ramen. Meals after a long hike are exceptional.

*Lunch is not included in the tour cost. Please make payment on the spot.

4:00 PM Back to Hotel and Take a Bath

Once you get back to your room, the Hinoki bath is ready for you. Take a bath for a moment of relaxation and rest your weary bones.

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6:00 PM Dinner

We perare a wellness-focused Japanese Kaiseki meal exclusively for those who stay more than 2 nights. The special menu was desingned in collaboration with the Japanese restaurant Ginza Uchiyama, who holds MICHELIN stars in consecutive 10 years.
Enjoy healthy course meal which makes the most of local fresh ingredients of the Kiso region.

10:00 Sweet Dreams

Have a good rest while feeling good kind of tired.

Day 3

7:00 AM Take a walk

Good quality sleep lets you wake up early in the morning. Enjoy a morning walk around the hotel in the beautiful landscape. Local area maps are available at front desk.

8:00 Breakfast

We will fix healthy Japanese breakfast on your last day at Zenagi.
Make a traditional and healthy breakfast, just like a granma's recipe, even more gorgeous meal by putting extra time and effort.
Organic rice, Miso soup with plenty of vegetables, side dishes made from fresh local ingredients, and fermented food which is Nagano's specialty.
Start off the day with healthy breakfast full of flavor.


9:00 AM Traditional Cultural Experience

On the next day of active excursion, how about a cultural experience that stimulates your creativity?
Make an exclusive visit to the master woodturner's studio, inherited over 1,200 years of traditional techniques, nestled in the deep mountain. Enjoy a private hands-on lacquerware and wooden cradts experience to appreciate their craftsmanship.


12:00 PM Lunch at Maru Sankaku Shikaku

After the activity, you will enjoy lunch at our dining restaurant with an open terrace located right next to Zenagi. On sunny days, you have a view of a beautiful landscape from the terrace on the wooden deck while enjoying a meal.

*Weekday package with 2 meals doesn't include lunch. Lunch can be arranged at an additional cost of JPY6,050 per person.
(Please select a lunch course in advance from the menu.)

2:00 PM Check-out

We hope that you had a memorable and wonderful holiday at Zenagi. We will see you off hoping to see you again in the near future.

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