Peace and Tranquility

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You need a good long rest in your life.

Relax in a peaceful moment in the countryside disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Empty your mind and rest your bones.
Zenagi is a perfect private hideaway for those who seek such a true relaxing escape.

Looking down on the rice fields, the hotel Zenagi stands serenely on the hill in a farm village in the Kiso Valley 
which probably haven’t been changed for thousands of years.

Surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers, the area is full of beautiful nature.

Our private villa resort is available exclusively to one group per day only
with spacious living space, 3 private bed rooms,
and dining area, so that all the guests can feel fully relaxed.

Staying in History Museum

A traditional Japanese Kominka house, built over 300 years ago in Edo period, was beautifully renovated into a modern accommodation where a collection of fine arts and crafts of the Kiso are scattered throughout the property. Just like a museum of history and local crafts.Its minimal design inspired by Zen temple is one and only in the world.

The glossy jet-black floors are beautifully coated with black lacquer.
The walls, looking like ink wash painting, are covered with washi paper reinforced with iron and copper.
Furniture handmade by local craftsmen and artists is one of a kind.

Designers chairs made from local chestnut wood
Custom made luxurious bathtubs using Kiso Hinoki wood in abundance
Enjoy the one and only Zenagi property to the fullest which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Forest Bathing in Hotel

Kiso forest, where Zenagi is located, is said to have originated the Shinrin-yoku practice (or forest bathing).
Feel the warmth of the wood while staying at a Kominka made from all natural wood.

Appreciate the wooden furniture and craft works handcrafted by local craftsmen and artists.
Enjoy “forest bathing” in a bathtub while taking in the rich wood scent of the Hinoki as if you were in the Hinoki forest.
Indulge in the ultimate wellness retreat through immersion in nature.


The property has 3 private rooms.
All the rooms are maisonette having bathroom and toilet on the first floor and living space with a bed room on the second floor.

Room key

Room "Matsu"「松」

Room"Matsu" 74㎡
2 beds (double bed)
2 daybed (single bed)

Room "Miya"「宮」

Room "Miya" 82 ㎡
3 beds (double bed)

Room "Nori"「紀」

Room "Nori" 70 ㎡
2 beds (double bed)
2 daybeds (single bed)

Room amenities

Tooth brush, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Cotton swabs, Cotton puff,
Hair brush, Hair dryer,
Refridgerator with soft drinks, Safety box,