Zenagi provides with you a unique opportunity to explore Japan’s countryside.

Surrounded by mountains, rivers and wilderness,
The Kiso region has been a hidden gem in Japan since ancient times.

Experience the abundance of nature here,
from sacred giant trees used by the Ise Shrine
to enigmatic valleys and picturesque waterfalls.

Travel three centuries back in time to Tsumago, an earlier post town nearby – which
is often considered to be the best preserved of the Edo period,
and is also known as being “Better than Kyoto”.

With a thousand years of heritage through its mastery of lacquerware and Japanese
papermaking, Kiso traditional culture still thrives here.

Let’s explore and discover Japan together.


Zenagi is an all-inclusive hotel
with a package of accommodation, three meals and outdoor activities.

Stay at the luxury hotel which has been converted from a historical farmhouse.

Enjoy Kiso slow-food, produced by Michelin-starred chefs.

Explore the great outdoor nature with your own private guide.

All of these unique experiences are exclusive only to our guests.


Zenagi is named after honoring the four Zen elements:

The first Zen,(然), comes from Shizen which means NATURE in Japanese.
The second Zen,(膳), Ozen, means FESTIVE MEAL.
The third Zen,(禅), Zen meditation, offers the sense of PEACE.
And the last Zen,(善), denotes Zen-Kou, for GOOD DEED.

We fulfil the delights of Zen in Nagiso town for our guests
and contribute to the region’s revitalization, wellbeing and flourishing.

That is why we named it Zenagi.