‘KOMINKA’ – A Japanese traditional farmhouse.

Our hotel was renovated from the kominka of a wealthy farming household
built a few hundred years ago.

Standing on top of a hill looking over beautiful terraced rice fields.
Surrounded by stone walls as though in a citadel.
Huge wooden columns and beams assembled without nails.
A shiny black ceiling created by the soothing smoke of an Irori fireplace from over a
few hundred years ago.

Kominka is an artwork crafted through hundreds of years in Japan.


Zenagi is the gathering of essence in the Kiso region.

Glossy floors finished with black lacquer URUSHI,
handmade Japanese papermaking WASHI on the walls,
our original design furniture made from local trees,
luxury bath tubs made of Kiso’s sacred Hinoki trees,
which are often dedicated to the Ise Shrine of Japan,
all of them are made by local artists and craftsmen of today.

The traditional arts and crafts of Kiso will touch your heart.


We have tried to preserve the historical architecture as much as we could, while
providing accommodation for a comfortable stay.

This large Kominka has only three rooms for up to 12 people.

Each duplex room has a bathroom on the first floor, while a bedroom is on the
second floor with living room space.

Please enjoy your stay in our classic yet modern luxury hotel.

: Please understand that, despite its robustness,
there may be occasional sound leakage and vibrations, as it is a historical Kominka
from a few hundred years ago.